Thursday, May 19, 2011

Un jour à Paris

Finally I have arrived in Paris! We arrived in Paris at 7am, meaning 1 am Atlanta. Jet lag has been somewhat of a struggle, but knowing that there is an amazing city to explore has kept me awake for the most part. My roommate and I passed out right before lunch time. We were supposed to be in the cafeteria at 12:15, but didn't wake up until a half hour later. We rushed down, still in a half stupor and suffering from the jet lag. After lunch though and a quick orientation, a group of us went around the street that we live off of. We are staying at a place called St. John's. It is a Catholic school in the US, and this is their Paris campus that UGA rents from them during the summer. We quickly learned how hard it is to be in a different country when you don't know the language. It has been intimidating interacting with locals. Some are nice, but others just yell words to us in French that we can tell aren't the kindest. Hopefully by the end of all of this we will be able to interact better with locals, but as of now we are having a difficult time. The structures and the shops that are in Paris, or just the small part we have seen so far, are all beautiful!There are so many bakeries and fruit/vegetable shops, with obviously extremely fresh products wherever we go. So far, we have only managed to taste one of the chocolatiers, but it was all amazing! I tried what is called an Opera, and it tasted like a glorified Tiramisu bar. Later today we are taking a bus tour of the city, and this weekend will be the real exploration!

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