Sunday, May 22, 2011

Classes already?

So, I know that I am supposed to be studying abroad in Paris, but that is pretty much the last thing on my mind. I plan on shopping, eating, and soaking up the culture. I want to gain the full experience and live the Parisian lifestyle. The food, wine, freedom that people have, and the relaxed lifestyle that is very apparent. But, there are classes that I must take if I want to live the rest of the 6 weeks here. So, I am writing this post to avoid reading for these classes. It is not much, just an article or two a day. But after you have already graduated, have a job in place, and are thinking much more about the amazing city you live in, it is really hard to find any ounce of motivation. Today was Sunday in Paris, which is very relaxed. Many of the bakeries, cafes, and less-tourist flocked areas are closed. All of the clothing stores are closed today around us. There are a few little restaurants and the grocery store. So for dinner, instead of the usual bakery pizza or sandwich followed by a pastry, I went for the crackers and brie cheese with some fruit. Delicious! Why does everything taste better in Paris? Well, less preservatives for one, which makes everything much more fresh! You will not see the same fruit or vegetables sitting out in the store the next day. Everything is either sold or gotten rid of each day. I literally think I could live just off of the fruit here. Earlier, we went to the Arc de Triomphe and visited some of the stores in the area. It is a hub for tourists. The H&M is one of the largest. I visited the Nike Paris store so I could buy some socks and a performance shirt. I actually went running today and passed by the Eiffel Tower during it. Probably the most memorable run I have had besides the one where I ran under the UGA arches for the first time (Yes, first time I walked through the arches I was actually running). Also, at the Arc de Triomphe area, which is in an area called Champs-Elysees, we visited an apparently "famous" bakery called Paul, where I snapped a photo before they yelled at me for doing so. There were also street performers and of course we had to get a photo in front of the arc. It was also the first day we really understood and got to use the metro. Success for the day!

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