Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Roland Garros and The French Open

Finally, we made it to the French Open!! It was a little of a hit and miss getting the logistics down at first, but we did it. Now, I am not a huge tennis fiend, but I do love watching the pure talent that these athletes display. I have a special appreciation for tennis because it is just one of those sports that I was never the best at. A lot of my friends and especially my family are great at it, but me... I struggle somewhat. Struggle may be the understatement. I usually end up lobbing it full force over the 20 foot nets. These athletes would do nothing of the sort. Serving in excess of 100 miles and hour and quickly moving after those fast paced balls is something I wish I could do. When we first arrived at Roland Garros, all of the girls immediately went to the "Boutique". There, the people working behind the carter started singing the "Hokey Pokey" in French with the huge tennis balls! Mom and Dan, if you are reading this, I may have a surprise for you two when I get back! Then we immediately headed to the frozen yogurt stand (of course). I've been noticing a pattern of shopping and then getting some sort of dessert as a daily occurrence, and I am in no way complaining. We finally arrived at one of the stadiums to watch a mixed doubles game. It was between Petrova/J.Murray and Makarova/Soares. Petrova is one of the top 10 females and Murray is the brother of a top 5 male player, according to Nicole. She was definitely the most knowledgeable about the different players and the whole sport in general. It was a really neat and unique experience, and one that I am glad we got to enjoy for the day.

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