Monday, May 16, 2011

Last few days in the states

Ok, so I may just be writing this post to avoid studying. I have a final tomorrow for my Independent Learning class that I have been taking for the past year. I should have finished it months ago, but, nothing I can do to change that now. Saying these past few months have been crazy is a complete understatement. They have been some of the most memorable. I graduated from the University of Georgia this weekend, having the whole school graduation on Friday and then the business school graduation on Saturday. Family was in town, and it was so stressful making sure I was prepared for the big days along with coordinating all of the fam. I also, of course, had to make sure that I made it out for my last weekend in Athens for a while. Being that I was going all day and night Friday definitely made sitting through graduation on Saturday tiresome. I kept trying not to nod off through the ceremony, since every student was called, walked across the stage, and received a "diploma" which actually contained a photo of Brooks Hall, the main business school building.

With all of the craziness and friends and family that I got to enjoy it made the weekend truly memorable. It hasn't quite hit me yet that I will never have this same composition and group of people in my life again. One of my roommates left yesterday, and still I haven't cried all weekend. For those of you who know me well, I cry a lot and so easily (it is usually because I am laughing though), so this indifference is so strange to me. I think I just haven't had the time to sit and think about everything. I am so ready to get to Paris and take it all in.

Also with the massive amounts of socializing I did this weekend, I tended to reject getting many miles on my sneakers. I ran for about an hour this morning and it was pretty rough. I have decided that one of the things I plan to do while in Paris is begin training for another half marathon, and eventually getting back to the states and training for a marathon. Within a year, I will do a marathon as long as my body decides not to break down in the process first. I may be a little injury prone. Haha. If anyone would like to suggest ones to sign up for, I am completely willing to register now! I have two more days left here, and can't wait to meet everyone on my trip and finally have a little more stability in my life again.

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