Saturday, May 21, 2011

My first French Kiss

It was another day of miles upon miles of walking. We still have yet to actually plan a day, which always turns out interesting. We woke up late, but were determined to meet up with friends at the Louvre in the afternoon. After walking in an hour long loop in the somewhat wrong direction, we ended up getting lunch at a small bakery with sandwiches and pastries, then finally walking the correct way. We didn't actually tour the Louvre today, but just took some pictures in the area. It is massive, more than you can imagine. The buildings tower over you and are all masked with beautiful architecture. We headed back quickly to our dorms, and decided that tonight we wanted to go out and see a little more of the city after dark. After more getting lost, having too big a group, and not really knowing what to do, a small group of us discovered a small bar in the 5 District. The people were wonderful! The bartender and waiter loved us, and the music was live and in English/French, which was really neat. They were playing clarinet, oboe, and the piano I believe. We even spotted that Ray Charles had been a patron of this tiny little place, after spotting a photo of him with the owner. We witnessed some parties going on in the building above us, and even a practically naked man painting his ceiling at midnight. It was all very relaxing, and we really got to enjoy the vibe of Parisian life. After finishing our glasses of wine, we headed back home, but not before saying "Bonne nuit" to our new friends and receiving our first French kisses from the waiter on both cheeks. We all were giddy about our "first French kiss" and headed home, ready to enjoy some of the shopping and more tourism that we will be doing tomorrow.

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