Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nonstop Tourist

The past few days have become somewhat of a blur for me. Due to the unfortunate internet that our dorm has provided, I was unable to update my blog, and I feel that the past fews days have completely packed! On Tuesday, a few of the girls decided that Luxembourg gardens, museum, and palace would be a good place to sight see. Well, it ended up that the temporary artist who was on display at the museum had just finished the day before, so unfortunately we could not go into the museum. The Palace is where, I read, France houses their Senate. So, there were guards surrounding and we decided that viewing the gardens and enjoying the very quiet sitting area in front of the palace would be a good idea. It was amazing the amount of people in the area and the lack of noise. In America, I feel that I would barely be able to hear myself talking. After the gardens, we gave into our banane et nutella crepe craving, and found the best creperie we have had, a long ways down a small off-beat road. The crepes and nutella in this city is why I know I will gain some weight. It is almost impossible to turn down the food here though. I have not had one bad thing. I believe the rest of the night was calm, since the next day we knew that it would also be a long day. After classes, we headed out again to Notre Dame, the Patheon, and just walk around the area as a large group. Dr. Lessl lead the way, since it was actually his classes "outing" that we were tagging along for. I wish I knew more of Paris' history and the meanings behind many of the Catholic symbols strewn throughout. I am a Catholic, but trying to remember all of those Sunday school and church lessons has proved difficult. The night started off early, right after the tour actually at "Australian Bar". We also found the Irish Pub that is now a spot we will seem to be going to often. Happy hour got the best of most of us, but we headed on the metro back to St. John's to clean up after a long day of touring and get ready for the fun that was about to happen. The night involved falling down wooden steps, singing in the typical loud American fashion, and then closing the night downstairs with Brie and Park playing during the open Mic night. One of the most memorable songs had to be "Wagon Wheel", since no one knew a whole verse but somehow we managed to twang our voices enough so it still seemed like we knew what we were saying. The next day involved lots of WWII and the Battle of 1066 movies, since we were traveling to Normandy for the weekend.

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