Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Street Dancing and Shoe Shopping

The past three days were so relaxing with being home again in Paris. It is weird that now when we visit other places for the weekend, we see our little dormitory hidden away down a secured walkway as "home". For one, the belongings in the room are not ours- the sheets, the beds, the desks and chairs. We are renting the area and really have not added any personal touches to it these past weeks. We still have our suitcases sitting out in plain view, soon to be packed full of everything we are going to manage to take back with us. We are also living in a country where we can barely communicate with many of the local people. I speak so little French, that I could not get by if it were not for the fact that many French know a decent amount of English. But anyways, Paris still feels like home, probably because it has become so familiar to all of us. We only have 8 more days in this lovely city. I can't believe the time has flown by so fast.

On Sunday, the girls and I made our first dinner reservation at a vegetarian spot near the conceptual arts museum. Spencer and Abby are both vegetarians, which is difficult since in Paris, a vegetarian is actually a pescatarian. Very different for them both, and also a bit more tricky. But luckily, this place followed their eating "qualifications", and wow was it yummy! I ordered a mushroom pate, a "burger" that was littered with vegetables and a mushroom sauce, and then a chocolate creme dessert. We all felt the normal feeling of our clothes seeming a bit tighter. I have also decided that I will never be more excited to start a diet than when I get back to the states. I have been the model subject of pure gluttony this whole time span in Paris and abroad, which I know will satisfy me for a long time to come. The food in America will not be comparable (except for my cooking of course!).

Monday turned out the be one of the hotter days in Paris. Maybe I am still getting over my sickness, but it was warmer than the looks of the weather eluded to. It has been dark, rainy, and cloudy here for a long amount of time, but it is nice when we open the window and fall asleep to the sound of rain on the window sill. Cliche, I know. My goal for the day was to find the Opera honey I really wanted to bring back for my brother. The Opera in Paris has multiple hives on its rooftop, and I heard that you were able to buy their product at a food specialty store that caddy-cornered the Eglise de la Madeleine. After walking completely around the Madeleine square, I ended up where I started and in front of Fauchon, the gourmet food shop. I found the "miel" section, but could not find the Opera honey. A gentleman that worked at the shop probably saw my face of confusion looking at the glass bottles, and asked me what I was looking for. I was informed that they used to sell it there, but of course not anymore. It was sold at the Opera, but I believe Monday was a French holiday, like every other day, and the Opera was closed, meaning no honey. Frustrated, I walked into the closest shoe store I could find and came out with a new pair of ballet flats. Much better light on the day!

La Fete de la Musique began later on Tuesday night. You just walk down the streets of Paris, jumping from crowd to crowd, street to street, checking out all of the different bands that are attempting to entertain. Some were successful, while others were only enjoyed by those under the influence of an illegal sort. We made our way around St. Michel and down St. Germain, finally happening upon a 50s diner with the same feel band playing outside, complete with slicked back hair, a retro microphone, and a white button up. I finished the huge Desperado (tequila-beer, think Corona with tequila, aka Coche Bomb), danced to some jazz and American rock, then headed home. I wanted to get some rest for the shopping that may happen today if the weather clears up. Before class this morning, I already bought an additional pair of ballet flats and am ready to find some heels! Paris has sales twice a year, and today was the start of one of them. Now all I need to do is fend off the Parisian women...

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