Monday, June 27, 2011

Memory Loss and Sundress days

It has been such a long two days, so much so that I am forgetting most of what we have been doing (Taylor and me). Sunday was a little bit of a slow start after a long, fun night at Eiffel. Every Sunday, Rue Raspail has a market that goes for 3 or 4 blocks in the road median. Vendors that are selling fruits, vegetables, honey, meat, fish, cheese, bread, scarves, African masks, jewelry.. just about everything lined the open air market. After seeing the onion-cheese hashbrowns being made in front of us, we had to try! Eating our way down the rows, we scouted what to try next. I found a zucchini quiche that they warmed for me and Taylor got a cafe eclair. Yum! Everything in Paris involves the food. We then took the Metro to visit the Louvre (finally). The hallways were so large and maze-like, and the walls were stacked with paintings from floor to ceiling. After barreling over masses of tourists, we finally managed to grab a picture with Mona. It was insane the amounts of people that were pushing themselves toward the velvet ropes in order to get close. After hallways of sculptures and paintings and artifacts, we finally managed to find our way out of the gigantic museum. Our last stop of the day was the Jewish district for a Sunday falafel. I never noticed this, but the place I always go, the "world famous" one, is recommended by Lenny Kravitz. Hmm, guess it must be legit then. There is even a photo of him with the restaurant owners son. Eating our falafel, we headed past the Bastille area to Gare de Lyon, where Taylor is staying. I hopped a metro, and called it a day. It was one of the warmer days in Paris and involved a TON of walking.

Today was the second to last day of class! Almost done! After class, I bought two more camera memory cards since I have managed to fill both of them, and traveled to meet Taylor at the Opera. While waiting in the lobby, I spotted a girl wearing a Braves t-shirt. Of course I had to say something, and found out they were students from Georgia College & State. Taylor found her way, as usual, and we headed in. The house was completely decorated in gold and ornate designs. The amount of marble work used was phenomenal, and the view of the city was unlike any I had yet to see from above. As we were leaving, there was a small dance performance that was occurring right in the main stairwell. What a treat, and good timing on our part! We then walked to the Eglise de la Madeleine, where inside I saw the first kneeling benches in any of the French Catholic churches, which looked like a child's chair facing the normal ones. We then HAD to stop at Laduree, again the famous macaroon store. I ordered coconut, licorice, and orange blossom mini macaroons. The coconut and orange blossom were amazing, while the licorice didn't really seem quite right on the taste. I love black licorice too, even though everyone else on the trip seems to hate it.

After a little shopping at Sephora and H&M, I had to leave Taylor and quickly head back to St.John's to get ready for our group farewell dinner that was right next to the Arc de Triomphe on Champs Elysees. We all left to get to Chez Clement, one of the most beautiful and tasty restaurants I have been to in Paris. They had copper cookware as decor and "C"s woven on every place mat and printed on all of the china. Of course, I instantly loved the place thanks to their recognition of my favorite letter. I ordered the Salade côté jardin (Garden Salad), Travers de porc au miel et frites (Pork ribs with honey and fries), and finally, the best part of dinner, Crème brûlée à la cassonade (homemade creme brulee with brown sugar). Bellies full, our group left to grab pictures in front of the Arc de Triomphe then get back on the metro. The metro was hot, and I had already decided that I was going to take my 3rd shower of the day. It is 90+ degrees in Paris right now, and I am not one that does well with the heat. But the best part of the hot and humid ride was the man who jumped on our train and started singing via a karaoke machine to all of us. I can't believe I am going to leave this city in 2 days...

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