Monday, June 13, 2011

Lets say "struggle" of a Faux Parisian

Dear fans, I know that there are a good amount of you out there, mainly because I know that you think I am awesome, so I know you must be reading my posts. Completely kidding, I am not that pompous. Blogger conveniently tracks stats, and so I know there are a few of you out there still reading my adventures. I hate to inform you all, but the past day, my computer has come to its death. After almost 4 years to the day, it decided to move on to the next computer life and leave me without all of my access to the world and ability to upload pictures for your viewing pleasure. I have another two weeks in Paris (yikes!) and plan on still telling you all about my adventures. I guess I will need to entertain by using colorful words, attention grabbing stories, and maybe adding a dash of wit. I'll try not to disappoint all you lovely people. I hope you continue to enjoy my travels, and pictures will eventually be added to guide you through my European fairy tale.

But, I would like to tell you about this Monday that I have been living. I started the day a little later than usual. The baguette at breakfast was especially good today, the weather outside seemed that it would just be cloudy and wait on pouring till later, and we began our new class session. Different from the one I had the past 3weeks in Paris, I am taking a class studying the Sociology of crime. It is very interesting and attention grabbing, talking about serial killers, homicides, and how the dark underworld of crime families has been evolving just as rapidly as the legitimate world.After 2 hours of introduction, I headed out tobe a semi-tour guide for my friend Emily, who is backpacking around Europe for a few weeks with a travel group. Today was their free day in Paris, and I was happy to lead them around and even visit some places that I had yet to. First, I met her at La Madeleine, a church dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene. The stairs leading to the main entrance were covered with flower beds, making look that the whole front of the church may be acting as a florist. We then headed back on to the Metro, with every intention of ending up at Notre Dame. After realizing that I had hopped the wrong line, we ended up at Napoleon's tomb, better known as Les Invalides. There were huge marble coverings plastering the inner walls of the gold-plated chapel dome. The museums hosted a large amountofWWII, WWI, and older military armor and weapons dating back to the 1100s. There was an arsenal that showed the enormity of their collection that was not even on display. It was somewhat overwhelming to see how much of history is still preserved in this military museum of Paris. After looking through two sections of the museum, we finally headed to Notre Dame. This had been my third time to see it, and when we attempted to purchase tickets to see Paris from the top of the cathedral, it seemed somewhat of a long wait and my tourists were on a schedule that needed to be kept since they had plans of having a picnic at the Eiffel Tower not too much later. After heading back to my area of town in order for them to buy some macaroons and wine for their picnic, we went our separate ways and I hope I left the impression of be semi-knowledgeable with my way around Paris. The next few days will be easy ones for me. I can feel the soreness in my throat and the stuffy nose starting to overcome me, and the last thing I want is to experience being sick in Paris. There is too much to do, and no time to "get better" that I am willing to spare.

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